Solo Exhibitions (selection)

Plastic Nation, Charles Gilmore Fine Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Plastic Nation, Charity Auction with Music Against Animal Cruelty, Ibiza, Spain.
Installation, ZsONAMACO, Mexico City, Mexico.
The Use of Plastic (raising awareness of societies use of plastic for the Queen’s birthday), The British Em- bassy, Mexico City, Mexico.
Plastic Nation, Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico.

Once Upon a Time, HOFA, London, UK. Installation, YOHO, Shanghai, China. Installation, YOHO, Beijing, China.

Society Matters, Chappel Piano Factory, London, UK.

Let Me Tell You A Bed Time Story, Caravan, London, UK.

Group Exhibitions (selection)

TCT auction, Los Angeles, USA
TCT auction, Cannes, France

No Name, Museo Nacional De Arte, Mexico City, Mex- ico.

You knew the rules, YOHO, Shanghai, China Beijing, China.
Installation, Esperanza Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Arte Vivo Auction, Museo Moderno de Arte, Mexico City, Mexico.
Moniker Art Fair, London, UK.

Arte Attack (Jef Aerosol – Hiro Ando – Banksy – Giuliano Bekor – Remy Bond – Mr Brainwash – Deborah Bruni – Cali – Chloe BB – Christophe Catelain –
Annick B. Cuadrado – Robert Combas – Erro – Invader – JonOne – Kokian – Jeff Koons – Luke Newton – ODN – Tempo Nok – Deborah Sportes – Swoon – Bradley Theodore – Thierry Trivès), The Royal Monceau Hotel, Paris, France.
Art Photo, Paris, France. Moniker Art Fair, New York, US.
PopArt, (Alex Katz – Donald Sultan – Heiner Mey-
er Niclas Castello – Robyn Ward – Julian Hoffmann), Galerie Schimming, Hamburg, Germany.
Moniker Art Fair, London, UK.
No Name, Museo de arte Moderno, Mexico City, Mex- ico.