Robyn Ward is essentially the definition of a truly international artist: born in Dublin, Ireland, raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he found his love for art via graffiti; honing his skills in studios and collectives in cities ranging from London and Amsterdam, to Bangkok and Shanghai; currently living and painting in Mexico City and exhibiting the world over.

Ward has worked under many pseudonyms and different collectives throughout the years, until recently the artist broke from the cover of anonymity in 2017. This quickly grabbed the attention of international media and has been working under his birth name since.

Taking inspiration form the world around him, he paints each series in different studio locations across the world, themed around the current social and economic political landscape. His painting style is a self-taught introspective process informed by the likes of Bosch, Bacon and Banksy, manifesting in pointed takes on our less-than-perfect societal nuances. His mediums of choice are limitless, combining acrylics, inks, water colours, oils and spray paint on canvas.

While previous solo exhibitions have tackled issues of racism and bigotry, most recently that style has been applied to the aforementioned tour of “Plastic Nation”, forcing audiences to confront ecological damage by bringing them face to face with large-scale paintings of the animals that our actions are endangering.

With a track record of successful international solo exhibitions and group shows, Ward has captured the attention of galleries and collectors worldwide. In 2018 he exhibited in seven exhibitions including ArtAttack at the Royal Monceau Gallery in Paris with artists such as Banksy, Jeff Koons, Space Invader and Mr. Brainwash amongst other greats.